Half term Heroes

Half term is nearly here and I am sure you all need a well earned break. It is hard work at the moment, for parents working from home and home schooling and for children missing their friends and motivating themselves to do school work at home. You are all doing a great job and I want to say a huge thank you to the whole school community for working together to get through this difficult time. This week we put two well being trees in the school for the staff. The team at Flitch Green astound me every day with their commitment, hard work and they still manage a smile. This was a small token of appreciation for an amazing staff who work so hard.

Young Minds

Young minds have produced a really quick quiz (only 6 questions) to help parents and families understand how they might be able to help their child’s well being and mental health during this time. It is a great resource and the website has some really good links too. https://youngminds.org.uk/supporting-parents-helpfinder/

Pupil’s work

Jack from Earth class was awarded a Mr Trojan Critical thinker award this week and I asked him to share it with me. I am so glad he did – what a fantastic piece of writing.

Jack’s Myth:

The day had come, the day that seven innocent boys and seven poor girls would be chosen to go and be fed to the Dragonbull, who had been terrorising the city for years, to meet their death. It was midday in Athens; the sun was shining bright and everyone was nervous to see who would be picked for the feeding time of the Dragonbull. The atmosphere was full of tension. People were saying goodbye to their families just in case they were chosen. They wrote letters to their loved ones and then went to the palace of Athens to see King Harry to determine their fate.

King Harry was a tall, handsome man in his forties. He was a good ruler of Athens – everybody said so. He had a son named Prince Nicholas; the prince didn’t like his father. He didn’t like the way that he sent seven boys and seven girls from his own city just to be fed to a beast in another city.

Dragonbull was the most vicious beast of all its species. It had layers of razor-sharp teeth and crimson eyes that could kill you with a blink. The creature could breathe out amber fire so hot that it would turn you straight into a pile of ash in a millisecond. Its claws were a metre thick and it had purple spikes running down its spine. Dragonbull smelt as ripe as a rotting corpse; the smell was so bad you knew where he was from a mile away.

“Today is a very special day: fourteen of you will be sent to face the Dragonbull. I am very sorry we have to do this but it is the only way to protect our city from an invasion, which I couldn’t stand, so you are being sent for a good cause,” said King Harry, feeling guilty. The crowd was full of anticipation as he called the fourteen names. Once he had called the thirteenth name and was about to call the fourteenth boy, Prince Nicholas stepped in and said, “I shall be the seventh boy to go.”

“No, no you can’t go because you’re the heir to the throne,” said his father.

“I’m sick of you doing this to the people of our city so I shall go and slay the Dragonbull and return the children back to the city of Athens!” Prince Nicholas, who was seventeen, was brave and determined but a big part of him was very nervous; he had heard stories of the Dragonbull but never actually seen him so he had no idea what he was nor how powerful or strong.

The next day, Prince Nicholas headed out to the wasteland with the thirteen other children to go and be fed to Dragonbull. Before they reached Dragonbull, they stopped in a little town near Athens and were kept in cells at the main house overnight. At the crack of dawn, Prince Nicholas heard footsteps approaching the cells. They were coming from a girl, who was very tall, carrying something in the eerie darkness. She looked about his age and she was very pretty. He watched her walk past and peek into the cells to see if anyone was awake. She saw him and whispered quietly, “Here, take these, they will help you kill Dragonbull.” 

“Who are you and why are you trying to help me?” Prince Nicholas asked. 

She replied, “I hate what they do to send people to go and be eaten by the vicious beast so I always try and help them defeat it but never once has anybody defeated it. Maybe you can change that. I believe in you.”

Prince Nicholas set off with a shiny sword that the pretty girl had given him concealed under his jacket. As they approached the beast, the Dragonbull could clearly smell them because he started raging around scavenging for them. They were told to run and try and survive for as long as they could but they were also told it was impossible to escape death. Prince Nicholas was positive he could prove them wrong. He told the other children the plan: they would run around and distract Dragonbull while Prince Nicholas would go in for the kill. But it didn’t go to plan. As Prince Nicholas charged at the beast – sword in hand – he tripped and started rolling down the sand dune uncontrollably towards the Dragonbull. He couldn’t get up; he was rolling at too fast a pace! Dragonbull turned and looked at him with a deathly stare… 

I wish you all a great Half term, please have a break and practise some self care. I look forward to welcoming you back (virtually) and we look forward to guidance from the government that I can share with you regarding the reopening.

Miss Nikki Willis


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