Express yourself!

It has been another great week of remote learning and we have had a high level of engagement on Google classrooms. Keep it up – I know how tough it is at the moment to keep up the motivation but we are all doing so well. We hope you all received your postcards. We wanted the children to know we are missing them so much and in our eyes you are all heroes!

Aidan loved receiving his!

This week’s assembly focused on Children’s Mental health week. The theme for the week this year is Express yourself and I think it has great advice for children and adults to maintain positively during this difficult time. Have a look at the website as there are some great ideas, a children’s competition and other information relating to mental health awareness.

We have introduced screen free time as it is so important to find a healthy balance between working online, being creative and looking after ourselves. Katie sent me some pictures of her making fossils this week following a science lesson with Mr Evans! What a great activity away from the screen.

It was wonderful to award so many Mr Trojan Awards on Monday and it just shows how hard children, teachers and parents are working. Children will receive their awards in the post. Don’t forget assemblies are put onto the google classroom streams on Monday and Friday. One of our awards went to Amber in Jupiter class. She was awarded creative navigator for a wonderful piece of writing. Have a read, it is wonderful!

Mrs Hoppity’s Racing Car by Amber

Amber was inspired by the story Mrs Armitage; all the children in Jupiter have been enjoyed it last week.
Mrs Hoppity was on the way to the beach in her shiny, red racing car because it was a
beautiful summer’s day. On her way she got stuck in a traffic jam. “What this car needs is a bubble machine to fly high in the bright, blue sky!” announced Mrs Hoppity. So she blew a massive bubble around her racing car and off she went.
As she was going towards the beach, her bubble popped and she fell in a squelchy, muddy puddle. “What this car needs is a hose!” yelled Mrs Hoppity. So she fetched a shiny, green hose pipe and she scrubbed her car. Then off she went.
By now she was exhausted from driving in the scorching sun. “What this car needs is a control to steer the steering wheel automatically!” snapped Mrs Hoppity. So she added a magic, yellow button and sped off.
When she got to the beach she got too hot. “What this car needs is something to cool me
down,” whispered Mrs Hoppity. She added an ice-cream maker that made blue, scrumptious ice-cream. Whilst she was enjoying her ice-cream, her beautiful, red car started to melt.
“What this car needs is drowning in the sea,” mumbled Mrs Hoppity. So she got a neon, purple surfboard instead!!

Online safety

I shared with families this week via email, the national online safety APP. It really is a great resource for information about all the games and APPS your child might like to use. It includes parent guides, FAQ and top tips on how to help keep your child safe online.

Information can also be found on their website.

Captain Sir Tom passed away this week, I will be speaking to the children about what we can learn from him in Monday’s assembly. I am sure like me you feel he was a real inspiration to show how one person could have such a big impact. He was known for the phrase tomorrow will be a better day so for anyone who is feeling low, I hope those words will help you to feel more positive looking forward.

I hope you all have a restful weekend. Please remember challenges, screen free activities and assembly activities are optional extras. I love seeing the children’s work so please do keep emailing it in! It makes my day to receive them.

Miss Willis

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