Postive Patchwork

On Friday I held an assembly for the children all about ‘being part of something’. I showed them my patchwork piece all about me and it was so lovely to receive some pictures of some patchworks the children have created at home. This is just a selection below. It will be wonderful when we can join our pieces together to be one big patchwork again. It was great to see them all and I even got one from members of staff. We are all a special part of Flitch Green.

Patchwork pieces – being part of something.

Screen Free time

On Monday, my assembly discussed Screen free time. We know how important it is to take breaks and have time away from the screen. We now have 2 screen free afternoons each week for everyone, staff included. You may choose to use this time to catch up on some home learning, take part in a PE lesson or focus on Mrs Benstead’s art challenge. Whatever you choose it is important to spend time away from the screen and take time to pursue other interests. This week Finlay shared with me a picture of his avocado plants! See below. I looked up how to grow avocados (as I really like to eat them) and it is really tricky to grow them – well done and thank you for sharing a great idea! Leila also shared with me her pictures of screen free activities and there are some great ideas there! One of the activities on the grid shared in assembly was to write a letter and I love this one that was shared with me this week.

Mr Trojan awards

Well done to all our Mr Trojan award winners and they will receive their sticker in the post! We will be awarding some more on Monday so make sure you watch the assembly video which will be on the google classroom stream! It might be you. Lara in Sun Class was awarded a Critical thinker award for her wonderful writing, she had really considered her vocab choices and how to phrase her work. Her story is below for you all to enjoy.

Lara’s writing – Sun Class

Peter, that’s this horrible living man’s name, he barely goes out for work (he’s a businessman). He likes to be alone so then there’s no one else to worry about, he has a miserable life with only one living family member, his aunt, she lives across the world and he’s happy about that. Everyday of his life it’s the same cycle. His house is dreadful even if he hates it but he won’t do anything about it, the word on the street – about his house – is that his house is haunted, people have even made a nickname for it, terror manor; every floor board in his house creaks, every window has a piece of glass missing and his door doesn’t even have a lock!

After a long day’s work, Peter had just got home and collapsed onto a chair, he looked drained. He couldn’t even bare to look at his untouched phone, he just slouched down the chair and very nearly fell asleep. Peter started to feel dejected and lost; he’s never gotten like this before in his rundown life. 

After a while, Peter was still at the dining table waiting for at least one idea to flow through his mind, but he had no imagination, no thoughts. Suddenly, Peter remembered the forbidden room in his cursed house, he rapidly shot up and got the key to unlock the huge door. After, getting the key and running to the prohibited room, he had an unexpected chill down his body and his hands started to shake frantically. He put his uncontrolled hand on the handle and opened the door slowly, there was a noise near the back of the room, there’s no lighting in the room but there was a figure. It was huge, Peter couldn’t work out what the dark shadow was, it looked like a peculiar shape. There was an eerie tension and intimidation, Peter felt dreadful but instantly a tentacle popped out of nowhere..

As Peter scurried back, he started feeling queasy after he just saw that huge tentacle appear out of nowhere. He peaked around the door fearfully and saw a huge squid in the forbidden room; the squid looked more frightened than Peter did, he serenely got up but still very alarmed. They both stumbled towards one another and traded different looks, Peter gazed at this colossal animal while it wandered past him and glanced at all the rooms in the fragmented house. Peter was still bewildered that there was a squid in his house, he accompanied the squid around the house until they were back in near the strange room. Suddenly, all the glass pieces are getting put back together, all the beaten objects and gadgets were getting rebuilt…
I hope you all continue to have a good week. Enjoy your learning and take care of yourselves.

Stay safe

Miss Willis

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