Wonderful Work

It was lovely to spend some time talking to children about their work this week and celebrating their achievements. They have all been working really hard in class and are engaged in their experiences.

Jake has been working hard on his handwriting this week and was so proud to show me his work. Elise has also been working hard to create a very detailed eBook to show her learning about Kampong Ayer which is the world’s largest floating village.

Children across the academy will be working on their experience outcomes next week. We will also be celebrating Black History Month and learning about some influential people. Below are some inspirational individuals (Rosa Parks, Arthur Ashe, Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Martin Luther King and Tessa Sanderson) to spark conversations at home.

Parent and Teacher Consultations

On the website, we have released dates for the parent and teacher consultation evenings which will take place in November. These will be held virtually. Early next week, you will receive a link through ParentMail to sign up to your preferred slot. Following this, you will then receive an invitation link. Please make every effort to attend your appointment. We know that children’s wellbeing and learning is hugely supported by a strong partnership between home and school.

Remote Learning

Just a reminder that you can now access class activities for remote learning should your child feel well but is still awaiting test results. Please visit the COVID-19 section of the website to access these. Some of the activities will link to Google Classroom. Login details will remain the same as before but please contact the Academy office if you need to reset your child’s password. For any new parents, Google Classroom login information has been added to your child’s reading journal and set up guidance will be emailed separately.

Fruit or Vegetable Snack
The free fruit and vegetable scheme for infants has resumed. This means that if your child is in Reception, year 1 or year 2 they will be offered a fruit or vegetable snack during their morning play. If your child is in the older year groups, please send them to school with a fruit (fresh or dried) or vegetable snack for their morning break.

COVID-19 Update

Thank you for adhering to our one-way system on the service gate as it helps to reduce congestion during collection. Please continue to follow the one way system on the main gate and we ask that you do not let your child play with the tape to avoid it breaking.

Sports Awards 
Each week, our sports coach nominates children for a top player of the week! This is for the effort displayed during PE lessons. The awards this week:

Scarlett – Venus
Jude – Saturn
Maia, Sidney and Ralphie – Neptune
Niamh, Amelia and Georgia – Moon
Isabelle – Mars
Harry – Earth
Anna – Comet

Well done to all of you. 

Tongue Twister Challenge
Tongue twisters are an excellent way to practise and improve pronunciation and fluency. Actors, politicians and public speakers use them to sound clear when speaking. Mastering tongue twisters will help you to be a confident speaker.

Try this popular tongue twister this week:

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.

Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair.

Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy, was he?

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