It has been a very strange week at Flitch Green but one where I can honestly say I am immensely proud to say that I work with such a wonderful bunch of people. It has been an extremely testing week, the government have provided us with very little information and small timescales to turn things around. Every child should have received details of their home learning activities, I totally anticipate there being some hiccups along the way as this is a new way of working for everyone so watch this space…!

As you know, we will be open on Monday for a limited number of children who qualify for a space. It is essential that if it is possible to keep your child at home that you please do so. All parents who have contacted us over the last few days to indicate if they require provision have been contacted directly. If we haven’t had any indication from you that you require this provision, we will be unable to accept your child on Monday. We have been planning staffing levels based on the numbers that have been coming into us and therefore we cannot accept children who just turn up on Monday without having informed us. I appreciate that this may be difficult to some, however I have to think about the safety of pupils and staff.

It has felt very surreal today and I felt like I experienced the whole school year in one day. Sending out Easter eggs to pupils, signing Year 6 shirts and then walking outside with my winter coat on! Today was a very emotional day for our Year 6’s, however we very much hope that they will be back in school before the end of the year so that we can give them a proper send off!

We will need to get their ties back before they get too wet……….!

Hope you all keep safe and we very much hope that this is a temporary situation and can welcome back the whole school very shortly.

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