Titanic Trial…

Welcome back after what I hope has been a very restful half term for you all! Unfortunately the weather has been less than kind to us this week, therefore we have had several wet playtimes!

This half term we have some very exciting events planned and this will be launched next week with World Book Week. The children and staff (much to their delight!) are invited to come dressed as their favourite book character on Thursday. We are also raising money for our sponsored read – there is still time to add your money to our Just Giving page!

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, we are having a Wonder week, all the children across the Academy will be looking at the book ‘Wonder’ and using this to explore the themes in the book. Check back on the blog next week to find out what everyone has been up to next week!

This week I was very lucky to be invited to be a judge at Comet’s Titanic Trial. As part of their experience outcome they acted out a court trial for the sinking of the Titanic. The children had to present their evidence, which they have been collecting through out their experience to myself (as judge) and jury. Myself and the jury then had to deliberate and hand out our verdicts. It was fantastic to see the children so engaged in their learning and was clear to see how much they have learnt throughout their experience – they all took the court trial extremely seriously and think we have some lawyers in the making!

A huge well done to Jupiter class for their fantastic class assembly this week, you have certainly packed a huge amount of learning into your experience. You were all so confident and I was so impressed to hear about all the things you have enjoyed learning about last half term.

You may have noticed this week that children have been coming home with white slips of paper if they have had an accident at school. This week we have introduced a new system for reporting accidents. This has come as a result of some parent feedback. These have been introduced to increase consistency between break time and lunch time staff but also to improve communication between school, parents and teachers. Once a child has been injured, teachers are then given these slips so they know a child has been injured in their class. Teachers will then forward these onto you at the end of the day.

Finally…… a huge congratulations to Eden, Erin, Ronnie and Freddie in year 6 for being chosen to attend a sporting Talent Camp in May. The children have been chosen out of children across the local area to attend, based on their sporting ability. Spaces were extremely limited so this is a huge achievement! Congratulations!!!

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